Observation of the flight attendants

During the research flight on November 3, an observation of the flight attendants was also made during each flight. During data collection, the focus was on:

  1. Ergonomics: Working heights in the galleys, pushing/pulling forces in the galley and from the trolleys, trolley maneuvering.
  2. Environmental aspects: temperature, vibration and noise.

We have learned very much from this observation. Respect for the work these two flight attendants do. Working together in a very small space and being so friendly and helpful to the passengers. We will share the results with you later.

Nov 3: Real-flight study

In the EU COMFDEMO project, we aim at building the digital twin regarding the comfort experience of passengers in the cabin demonstrator. For this, we will conduct a study during a real-flight to collect data on the comfort of passengers. This happend on Nov.3, 2021. We had a super good research day! All researchers were present and a total of almost 100 participants. All participants had an air travel for 70 minutes whereby data was collected regarding the basic anthropometry and their experience on comfort. The flight was from and to Rotterdam airport.

The aircraft used during the flight