P. Vink, G. Vledder, Song, B. Herbig, A. S. Reichherzer, N. Mansfield published their article “Aircraft interior and seat design: priorities based on passengers’ opinions”


Comfort is an important factor for passengers in the selection of airlines, and electric propeller aircraft will be an important element of future sustainable aviation. In this paper, we studied the order of importance of different (dis)comfort factors regarding traveling with propeller aircraft. Two experiments were conducted, one was a simulation flight on the ground with 33 participants and the other were two real flights with 97 participants. All participants were asked to rank the importance of different (dis)comfort factors in different phases of flights. Results indicated that though there are differences between the simulation and the real flights, noise, vibration and the seat are among the most important factors regarding discomfort, and space, lighting, temperature and seat are the most important factors of comfort. The results are different to those reported from previous studies on travelling by jet, where anthropometry is the most important factor. This finding suggests a difference in passenger perception between travelling by propeller propulsion and jet engines, and casts new requirements on the aircraft interior and service design for future sustainable aviation.

Read the complete article: https://commons.erau.edu/ijaaa/vol9/iss1/3/

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