In the beginning of September, a 2-day kick-off meeting was organised with all consortium partners together in the Hague and Delft. After a short round of introductions and presentations of what each partner will contribute and would like to get out of the project, topic manager Fraunhofer provided the partners with some more insights on the aim of the call: enhancing human centered cabin design by enabling prediction and verification of human comfort on different levels (distant, close and touching the body). All presentations together instantly sparked some in-depth discussions about the touch points between the partners, opportunities and approach for the project.

The next day, more in-depth presentations and discussions on the separate work packages followed, as well as a presentation of the first version of the comfort measuring jacket. Follow-up appointments between partners were scheduled and after a short visit to the Flying V interior concept at TU Delft and a nice dinner, all partners went home feeling satisfied about the successful start.  

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